Quick Shutter Hurricane Clamping System

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A quick, easy and effective way to protect your home or office without damaging your investments exterior structure or finish.

Thank you for your interest in the Quick Shutter Clamping System!
A new, exciting and innovative hurricane protection system.

The Quick Shutter Clamping System will eliminate:

  • Unsightly holes in the exterior year round
  • Damaging the finish
  • Calling friends and neighbors for help
  • Boarding up days in advance
  • Leaving boards or panels up for an
        extended period of time
  • Hours of preparation

    Quick Shutter Clamping System

    The Quick Shutter Clamping System Advantages

  • No more drilling into the exterior structure
  • No damage to stucco
  • Be prepared in minutes
  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Reusable for years to come
  • Easy removal
  • Fits inside the window frame - eliminating plywood waste
  • Inexpensive

    The Quick Shutter Clamping Systems unigue design allows the consumer to effectively protect themselves quicker, easier than ever before during these devastating storms.

    Take a few minutes to watch our instructional video and see for yourself how quick and easy the quick shutter clamping system is.

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    Be prepared. Stay safe.
    Quick Shutter Clamping System.

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